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Automation of a new melting furnace

Development and creation of a network for automating the installation of ladle furnace No. 3 of the converter shop

Automation of a new melting furnace
Арселор Миттал
Проект завершен: 02.09.2020

As part of the modernization of production, ArcelorMittal is installing a new ladle furnace UPK-3 of the converter shop.
Our company was invited to design, install and start-up the automation and safety part of the new plant.
In March 2020, the project was successfully completed and handed over to the Customer.

The ladle furnace # 3 will be part of the existing oxygen-converter shop, where two such units are already operating. The productivity of the new equipment is no less than 24 heats per day, which will amount to about 2,200,000 tons of steel per year.