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Coal accounting system

Automated control of mining, movement and sale of coal

Coal accounting system
Арселор Миттал
Проект завершен: 02.02.2019

The coal tracking system was implemented in a complex for eight mines, five railway stations and a
washery plant in the territory of the Karaganda region.

At the same time, the system determines the volume of coal production, its movement and residues in stockpiles, identifies the amount of own consumption and losses, helps to identify theft.



As part of the project, it was completed:

  • Installation of automatic railway scales – in motion.
  • Development and installation of a production accounting system – integration of skip accounting.
  • A site’s movement control system based on conveyor scales.
  • The recognition system of wagon numbers.
  • Integration into existing enterprise accounting systems (mainly SAP ).

Key features of the system:

  • Monitoring and calculation of the volume of coal mined.
  • Tracking movements within the mine and between facilities and factories.
  • Consideration of related parameters – equipment operation, coal quality, health and safety indicators.
  • Identification of theft of coal and fraud with indicators. Automatic recording of violations, including on video.
  • Ability to integrate with existing MES and ERP systems.
  • Workflow automation during production and shipment.
  • Automatic balance of stock balances.