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Ak-Bastau mine automation

Integrated infrastructure development of a copper ore pit

Ak-Bastau mine automation
Корпорация Казахмыс
Проект завершен:


Our company has developed and implemented an automated control system for open pit mining of copper ore at the deposit.


As part of the project, such systems were introduced as:

  • System of accounting and control of fuel when refueling at the departmental filling station of the enterprise. Control over the arrival and storage of fuel.
  • Mining system for quarry transport. Fuel consumption metering system for quarry vehicles.
  • System for monitoring the location of transport, violations of traffic rules on the territory of the quarry.
  • Security video surveillance system.
  • Monitoring system for potential places of unauthorized fuel discharge.
  • Coverage of the entire territory of the quarry with wireless communication and data transmission. MESH is a radio access network in the quarry.
  • Development and integration of a geographic information system for the quarry.