Radio relay communication lines



Astra Group of Companies builds radio relay communication lines or radio modem systems throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Due to their versatility, radio relay communication lines are able to provide access to broadband Internet access and digital telephony, to unite interlocutors in video conferencing and to support electronic document management.




Where the laying of fiber-optic communication lines is difficult (intensive urban development or rural areas remote from the main communication), the advantage of radar is especially relevant. It should be noted that the indisputable advantage of radio relay communication lines is the ability to transmit a signal over water bodies and transport highways. The indisputable advantage of RRL is the saving on equipment and work, high operational profitability, while the deployment time is much less than fiber-optic communication. The simplicity of the construction of radio relay communication lines with low operating and construction costs, as well as the possibility of promptly resolving the problems of development and reconstruction of the network without additional capital costs, allow us to say with confidence that the quality of information transmission over such communication lines is practically not inferior to fiber-optic communication lines.




Our information systems are integrated for two-way data exchange into all possible types of customer accounting systems.

And also in all security and access control systems.