Construction of towers and communication masts



For many years we have been performing work on the design of communication facilities, production of metal structures, supply of the necessary equipment and materials, installation, construction of masts and communication towers. We will also carry out fencing of objects, manufacture and install technological containers, perform installation, alignment of AFD (antenna feeder devices), and a number of other related works.





  • Manufacturing of foundations and metal structures of communication facilities;
  • Construction of masts and towers;
  • Construction of meteorological masts, independent installations;
  • Construction in areas without infrastructure, production of completely independent objects.


The construction of communication facilities is carried out by highly qualified, experienced specialists, each of whom has a permit to carry out work of increased danger. Our company provides a full range of services related to the construction of communication facilities, starting with the design of stations, with the subsequent manufacture of metal structures for masts and communication towers, ending with the installation of metal structures, construction of stations and the approval of permits. When carrying out the construction of communication towers and masts on structures and buildings, we pay special attention to the restoration of the roof, the integrity of which was violated during the installation process. The construction of communication masts and towers can be carried out in parallel with the construction of technological rooms or the installation of a technological container.




Our information systems are integrated for two-way data exchange into all possible types of customer accounting systems.

And also in all security and access control systems.