Construction of satellite communication networks



A satellite communication station is a complex of equipment for transmitting information over long distances, located in places without a ground network infrastructure. Our company builds satellite communication networks based on hub or SCPC technology according to the VSAT standard. The exchange of information between satellite stations occurs through an artificial earth satellite (AES), which works as a signal repeater: AES – a communications satellite – receives the signal of one station and, having amplified, transmits it to another.




More satellite stations are used for trunk dedicated communication channels using SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) technology or are used as central earth communication stations (DSCS) in satellite communication networks to control subscriber VSAT stations. This type of station is characterized by significant capital (equipment and construction) and periodic (rent of a satellite resource) costs, as well as high requirements for the qualifications of engineers. Small earth stations of satellite communication or VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) are used as subscriber terminals under the control of the Hub. Compared to large stations, VSAT is simple and inexpensive to operate, small in size, weight and cost. This makes the use of VSAT convenient, inexpensive and justified in 90% of the use of satellite communications.




Our information systems are integrated for two-way data exchange into all possible types of customer accounting systems.

And also in all security and access control systems.