Automated coal accounting system


On-line monitoring of the extraction, movement, storage and supply of coal.

The coal tracking system can be built both for a single facility, or for geographically dispersed productions of one complex. At the same time, the system determines the volume of coal production, its movement and residues in warehouses, identifies the amount of own consumption and losses, and helps to identify theft.



Key features of the system:

  • Monitoring and calculation of the volume of coal mined.
  • Tracking of coal’s movements within the mine and between facilities and factories.
  • Consideration of related parameters – equipment operation, coal quality, health and safety indicators.
  • Identification of theft of coal and fraud with indicators. Automatic recording of violations, including on video.
  • Ability to integrate with existing MES and ERP systems.
  • Workflow automation during production and shipment.
  • Automatic balance of stockpiles.




Our information systems are integrated for two-way data exchange into all possible types of customer accounting systems.

And also in all security and access control systems.